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Table of Contents

Section  1        Polyroad a Brief Outline
Section  2        Brief History of Polyroad
Section  3        Action of Polyroad
Section 4.        Long Term Performance of Polyroad Stabilised Highways (RMS NSW)

  •  4a        2012 Survey of Polyroad Stabilised Highways
  •  4b        RMS  Data on Polyroad Stabilised Highways

Section  5        Completed Polyroad Projects in Victoria
Section  6        Triaxle Testing by DOT South Australia

  • 6a        Materials report by David Poli

Section  7        Polyroad Design Guidelines
Section  8        Polyroad Testing Procedure
Section  9        Coober Pedy/Oodnadatta Fish Hole Creek Floodway Upgrade
Section 10       Devereux Creek Road, Mackay – Testing and Performance Report
Section 11       Construction Procedures
Section 13       Appendices

  1. Sustainable Development – Why Wasn’t I Told Earlier – G Lacey – 2006
  2. Polyroad Yet Another Alternative
  3. Polyroad MSDS